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Sami Eri Elephant Herd
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Rural Development Council (RDC) is working in  Denkanikottai Taluk in Krishnagiri district and Walajabad, Kancheepuram with the aims of empowering historically marginalized Adivasi and Dalit communities who have been deprived of their symbiotic relationship with forests, forestry resources, and sustainable livelihood practices. The current exploitative mainstream practices that negatively impinged due to commodification and commercialization of forests. These practices impacts on the dignity and identity of Adivasi and Dalit communities as they live harmoniously with nature and forest as they have accumulated collective native wisdom which led them as custodian of forests in juxtaposition with peace and without any conflicts. RDC Primarly operating in 120 villages in  two blocks which is remote, hilly and difficult terrain and work among Irula Tribes, the most marginalized communities. The reference community for RDC is Irula Tribal especially women and children who are excluded, alienated from their traditional resources and collective rights. This area is hither to unreached by any developmental activities and State services.

RDC has been formed by activists who are committed to the social justice, empowerment of traditional, most marginalized communities and creating a lasting social change in the living and working conditions of vulnerable and most deplorable social groups. These activists who have taken up Adivasi and Dalit communities’ issues and  struggles on the ground and engaged in social action for over many years, have formed this organization in order to respond to social, political, cultural and economic , injustices, violations and issues. Their core strategies include mass mobilization, organizing the indigenous native communities in to Village level “Grama Sangams” as well as federations and facilitate collective actions to address the issues of dignity, identity and livelihood entitlements.

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