Our Story

Literacy rate enhanced and foundation for quality education laid among the tribal children with focus on ensuring effective implementation of the Right to Education Act 2009 with preference on education of girl children Process for elimination of child labour practice initiated, child marriages prevented and rights and dignity of the girl children safeguarded as envisaged under the child protection laws. Target communities skills enhanced to access all basic needs, entitlement rights and government welfare schemes and they started accessing them



·         Working with parents and creating awareness on importance of education.
·         Spending time with children on holidays, and also everyday 7-9 am, and motivating them for regular schooling and bridging them with formal education.
·         Extension of supplementary education through tuitions and coaching.
·         Developing “each-one catch one formula” for regular school attendance.
·         Organizing motivational summer camps and educational tours.
·         Formation of students clubs and linkage with government schools and panchayats.
·         Establishing linkage with educational departments and tribal departments and other government departments