We have established 15 evening study centres where 376 kids from 45 villages in Thali and Kelamangalam get extra help with their schoolwork. These centres keep them excited about learning, and we’re sure they’ll do great in schools. Besides regular lessons, we also have fun events like sports and cultural competitions to make studying even more awesome! We make sure to follow some regulations, like doing tests every month, to help them stay sharp and ready for school. Let’s cheer them on as they continue their education journey

Evening study centre will be run in all the operational villages for enhancing the learning skill of school going children. This will enhance their learning skill and they will be familiarizing with alphabets and numbers. This will benefit 44 school going children in Kodagarai Karimathur  village, 37school going children in Kodagarai Siddhapuram village, 42 school going children Kottaiyurkollai Siddhik Nagar village, 35 children Kottaiyurkollai Balraj Nagar , 25 children in Tholuvapetta Pazhiyur, 45 children in Tholuvapetta Puthur, 28 children in Gethalli, 20children in Geratty , 32 children in Bellatty 20 children in Kodagarai Kundikarai