Our Climate change program

In the North Cauvery region, RDC have undertaken commendable initiatives to address the impact of climate change within tribal communities. These programs aim to create awareness, build resilience, and promote sustainable practices among the indigenous population. RDC has implemented educational campaigns to inform tribal communities about the changing climate patterns and their potential consequences. Workshops, seminars, and awareness sessions have been conducted to empower the tribal residents with knowledge about sustainable agricultural practices, water conservation, and the preservation of local ecosystems. To enhance the adaptive capacity of the tribal communities, NGOs have introduced programs that focus on skill development and alternative livelihoods. This includes training in eco-friendly farming techniques, promoting renewable energy sources, and facilitating the establishment of community-based initiatives for natural resource management. In collaboration with local communities, RDC has been instrumental in implementing afforestation and reforestation projects to restore degraded ecosystems. These efforts not only contribute to carbon sequestration but also provide additional sources of income for the tribal population through sustainable forest management