Project aims at creating an impact on society by investing in children in need, guided by values like truthfulness, mutuality and personal involvement.

157 deserving students in need were selected through a selection process and they were given an opportunity ‘to Continue’ education without discontinuing at the ‘Coveted’ Anita Methodist- a school that remains ‘The Favorite’ not just among the care students but also among their siblings and relatives. Without the support of the project, many families would have gone deeper into debt or would have surely parted with Anita Methodist because of the fee structure they struggle to meet. However families were also encouraged to look at other support options in the future, instead of relying year after year on the projects support.

– Personal involvement with the students families Interaction and involvement with the care families peaked during the pandemic as the challenge created an opportunity to serve the families with truth, love and care. The project blessed the families with provisions, minimal medical support (for certain families and students), counseling and in-person visits.